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Mengenal Lembaga Dakwah Kampus STIA Bandung, Membentuk Mahasiswa, Jadikan Lembaga Dakwah Sebagai Pengembangan
Mengenal Lembaga Dakwah Kampus STIA Bandung, Membentuk Mahasiswa, Jadikan Lembaga Dakwah Sebagai Pengembangan

The Campus Da’wah Institute (commonly abbreviated as LDK) is a collective word in Indonesia for intra-college student organizations that serve as a union for Muslim campus students as well as a medium for Islamic da’wah. Most Indonesian universities have LDK branches. LDK might be organized differently on each school, with distinct names such as the Islamic Student Activity Unit, Islamic Spirituality, Islamic Study Forum, and Islamic Spiritual Board.

The campus is the core of LDK’s strength, and members of the academic community are its principal targets. LDK is an institution involved in the field of Islamic da’wah that originated in the 1960s. According to the community’s social structure, students and campuses form a coherent social system that plays a significant part in peri-leadership social development in society. Meanwhile, in terms of human potential, students are a group of people who think at a higher level than the average.

As a result, the function of students is very critical in determining the state of society in the future. When Islamic ideology is implanted in a society, it causes changes in that society’s attitude toward Islam. With the university’s many strategic potentials, the implementation of Islamic ideas on campus via Islamic da’wah is projected to spread efficiently among the population.

The STIA Bandung Campus Da’wah Institute, chaired by Fahmi Rohidin, has the objective of producing students who are moral, knowledgeable, and have strong character with Islamic teachings in order for them to make the name of STIA BANDUNG proud through various beneficial religious activities.

And the mission is to hold training and education that serves to equip students with Islamic religious knowledge, to hold positive activities that can improve STIA’s name so that STIA can be better known, to sharpen the potential of members who participate in campus da’wah institutions and to develop it together.

For brothers and sisters interested in joining LDK STIA Bandung, please contact kang fahmi rohidin semester 3 Public Administration.

CP : 0882000363831


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