Wirasena Cabinet BEM STIA Bandung Launches “STIA Pods” to Absorb Student Aspirations

Wirasena Cabinet BEM STIA Bandung Launches
Wirasena Cabinet BEM STIA Bandung Launches "STIA Pods" to Absorb Student Aspirations

The Student Executive Board of the Bandung College of Administrative Sciences, in collaboration with the Ministry of Advocacy and Communication (KEMEN ADVOKOM), hosted a BEM-STIA Pods event with the theme “New Student Perspectives for 2022 about new student admissions this year.” This activity was broadcast live on YouTube by BEM STIA Bandung and was only attended by the core committee, resource individuals, and moderators who had arranged this activity.

The subject was chosen because this year’s new year student admissions were slightly different, according to Tita Arrina Aulia, Chief Executive of STIA Pods. “With this year’s PKKMB, which is a little different, we want to explore what new students think about the PKKMB.” As a result, it can also be used to assess STIA Bandung, which will shortly be renamed Bandung University. “The existence of Bandung University would make students more proud of their campus in the future,” he said.

Ghina Ainaya, a member of Advocacy and Communication at STIA Bandung BEM and a fifth semester student at STIA Bandung Business Administration, explained that the purpose of the STIA Pods was to broaden understanding of campus policies and to present superior programs for each BEM program, as well as to share problem solving in each leadership in each organization. Especially in the age of society 5.0, when knowledge is instantly accessible.

He also stated that, in order to avoid ignorance and misunderstanding of a policy and information, STIA Bandung students can know and comprehend a policy from the school through this podcast. Not only that, but this podcast is supposed to be a solution to problems in each intra-institutional and a medium for imparting leadership and other topics,” Ghina stated.

Deni Ramdani, the head of BEM STIA Bandung and one of the speakers at this podcast event, expressed interest in the PPKMB. “As a 2022 freshman, PPKMB is highly appealing right now, especially in the midst of Hybrid Learning.” “There are certain distinctions between individuals who participate in offline and online PPKMB because online PPKMB participants follow from the front of the screen, but offline PPKMB participants follow on the spot and can feel the atmosphere immediately,” he explained.

He also believes that this podcast would inspire STIA Bandung students, as it is a flagship program and a new breakthrough from the STIA Bandung wirasena cabinet.

( Humas STIA Bandung )


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